IDMS Web Solutions

We get IT right the first time!!!


Don’t get lured into paying tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to convert or re-platform your IDMS applications.  Now more than ever there are products available to enable accessing your IDMS data and code from the web at a fraction of the cost of conversion.

We are a private network of highly skilled and experienced IDMS application developers, DBA’s, PMP’s and web programmers dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for much less than you would pay for big contracting firms.

Because we telecommute, our costs to operate are much lower than brick and mortar companies and those savings get passed to the customer.  We also don’t have shareholders insisting we cut corners so their dividends are higher.

We will either provide ongoing support for the systems we develop and/or train your IT staff to be able to support our applications.

No need to trade in the performance and reliability of IDMS to be able to create state-of-the-art web and mobile applications which directly access IDMS and even existing source code.  We can extract the batch and online code from existing applications and put it in modules that are accessible from the web.

We also have templates for every type of format and access so we don’t have to start from scratch.

No project to big or small!!