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DivaProgrammer founder, Margaret Sliming, began her career in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February of 1979.  She worked for a service bureau with clients including the Canadian Department Fisheries and Oceans, The Atlantic Pilotage Authority and the Atlantic Lottery.

She developed batch applications utilizing COBOL and System 2000 database management system.  S2K DBMS came with a query language much like SQL.   Most projects involved creating databases, loading data, querying this data and/or producing reports.


In July of 1980, Margaret relocated to Calgary, Alberta where she began working with the Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority (AOSTRA) which assisted oil companies with their oil sands exploration projects.  These applications we're also batch only and utilized IDMS-DB and COBOL. 

Oil field data was collected, transmitted to a computer in Calgary, loaded to a database and reported on.  In addition to developing and maintaining applications, Margaret and her team were also responsible for database maintenance as they had no DBA back then. 


Because of the skills Margaret acquired working for AOSTRA, she was recruited to work for Reynolds and Reynolds in Walnut Creek, CA in June of 1984. The project involved converting a VSAM/COBOL/Fortran tax system to IDMS-DB/COBOL.  


Margaret ended up remaining in the U.S. and working for a number of different clients in California, Texas, Michigan and South Carolina.

Two of her most notable assignments were:  
1) a 4 and a half year stint with Williams Gas Pipeline supporting their mainframe gas scheduling applications while a replacement system was being developed.  This position involved performing enhancements and corrections on five batch cycles utilizing IDMS-DB / IDMS-DC and two online applications utilizing ADS/O and IDMS-DC.
2)  This assignment involved creating a thin-client application for a Medicaid correspondence system for the State of California.


After leaving the State of California, Margaret spent six years working for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, which was a non-IDMS environment.  BCBSSC utilizes IMS, DB2, MQ and a fourth-generation language called APS to process their data.  This combination of software is no match for the performance and ease of application development and maintenance provided by IDMS, COBOL and ADS/O. 


She most recently began working for Clemson University on the state Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), which is an IDMS application. 


A full list of Margaret's IDMS clients can be found by clicking on the 'IDMS Clients' tab.